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My Services

I look forward to providing you and your partner with care, information and support throughout, during, and after the birthing process. 

Our initial meeting during the pregnancy will help me tailor a package to fit your needs.


Prenatal Visits

Routine medical check-ups in coordination with your gynaecologist.

Continuous emotional and physical support.

Birthing Guidance

follow up of labor progress and medical checks on you and your baby at home in early labor.

Comfort with pain-relief techniques including breathing, Rebozo, massage and laboring positions during active labor in the hospital.


Emotional and informational support throughout labor and the administration of medications in a medicated birth.

Constant support and encouragement during a gentle cesarean


Postpartum Support

Routine follow up for mama and baby

Pregnancy class
designed to offer you the knowledge you need to plan, make informed choices, and understand your body before, during, and after the the birthing process.
available in group or private session 
I'm pregnant 
Labor and birth 
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